Tournament Schedule 2019

Long Lake, Spokane May 18/19

Chelan     Sunday June 16 

Potholes   July 13/14

Banks  Sunday Aug. 25

​Osoyoous Open Sept. 14/15

Lake Osoyoous Sept. 29/30,

1st Hugh Theiler/Dan Burgan           31.06 lbs

2nd Jim Bryant/Robbie Burke          29.18 lbs

​3rd Ryan Higgins/Amanda Howard  22.96 lbs

4th Jeff Taylor                                     19.51 lbs

​5th Dave Massey                                16.1 lbs

6th Robert and Megan Gregory           9.0 lbs

7th Joe Frede/Bob Graf                        8.9 lbs

              (one day)

8th Dave and Betty Hendergart           6.66 lb

9th Ken and Heather Lindley               3.22 lbs

​              (one day)

  MONTHLY MEETING IS HELD SECOND WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT ​East Wenatchee Fire House  6:30 PM UNTIL .....family friendly and kids welcome​...​ at our September meeting the following lakes were proposed for 2019 - Long Lake (Spokane), Lake Chelan, Palmer, Potholes, Banks, Vantage and wells pool.  For 2019we will fish Long Lake (Spokane) May 18 and 19, Chelan Sunday June 16, Potholes  July 13 and 14, Banks Sunday Aug. 25 Osoyoous Open Sept.14/15.  Dates are subject to permit approval. Officers for 2019 - Pres.   Ryan Higgins; Vice Pres. Hugh Theiler; Sec/treasurer Amanda Howard.  At our November 14 meeting we will try to finalize our plans for an Open Tournament on Lake Osoyouss
​Awards banquet tentative date is January 26, 2019 and looking for a site and meal ideas.

Banks Saturday Sept.15​​​

1st Jeff and Mitch Taylor 13.27 lbs and big fish        3.53 lbs

2nd Hugh Theiler/Dan Burgan 10.17 lbs

3rd Robert Gregory 9.43 lbs

4th Betty and Dave Hendegart 9.33

5th Jim 

6th Joe and Josh Frede 7.21

7th Ryan Higgins/Amanda Howard 7.20

8th Dave Massey 6.54

9th Tony

Banks Sunday Sept. 16

1st Betty and Dave Henegart  9.85 lbs

2nd Jim Bryant/Rob 9.53

3rd Jeff/Mitch Taylor 9.44

4th Ryan Higgins/Amanda Howard 7.93

5th Robert Gregory 7.33

6th Ken and Heather Lindley 7.29 and big fish          4.20

7th Joe Frede Josh Frede 6.16

8th Dan Burgan/Hugh Theiler 5.83

​9th Dave Massey 5.35