May 6 & 7          Potholes

June 25             Vantage rescheduled to Chelan, 6/25.  Drivers meet 5 A.M./weight in 2 P.M. at Millbay launch ( due to high run off)


July 16             Lower Conconully

August 6 Banks Lake Team tournament (no points toward Club awards) Drivers meeting 7 A.M. and weight in 2 P.M.

Sept, 23 &24    Osoyoous moved to Sept.30/Oct. 1

  MONTHLY MEETING IS HELD SECOND WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT ​East Wenatchee Fire House  6:30 PM UNTIL .....family friendly and kids welcome​...
Checking balance $ 1484.79, fund raising for 2017, we will try for a night to sell 50/50 tickets at hockey game and a rest stop date.  Yard sale in 2019.  Lakes for 2018 will be SELECTED at July meeting.  Discussed team format and will revisit idea of a boat being a team, team members can change, boat pays $50.00 to options pot, if boat wins each person gets 100 points toward angler of year, tie breaker most hogs or big fish, if fish alone $50.00 buy in, if bring guest $50.00 buy in for the boat and guest gets no points and if buys in can win option pot.  Requires by-laws change.
​Bob "Shell" has OLD fishing tackle for sale, call at 509-884-4631.

Potholes May 5, 2017

1st Place Dave Massey​​​​ 14.92 lbs and

                Big Fish 4.22

2nd Place Hugh Theiler 13.21 lbs

3rd Place Robert Gregory 11.88 lbs.

45 bass caught and released

Potholes May 6, 2017

1st Place  Dan Burgan  11.25 lbs

2nd Place  Hugh Theiler   11.02 lbs

3rd Place Jim Bryant  10.78 lbs

Big Fish Dave Massey 3.15 lbs

​33  fish caught and released