Tournament Schedule

May 6 & 7          Potholes

Aug 27            Vantage 

Drivers meeting 5 A.M. weight in 1:30 P.M. launch at East side of I-90 bridge

July 16             Lower Conconully

​CANCELEDAugust 6 Banks Lake Team tournament (no points toward Club awards) Drivers meeting 7 A.M. and weight in 2 P.M.

Sept,30 &Oct 1    Osoyoous 

Conconully July 16, 2017

1st Place Jim Howard 5.36 lbs

2nd Place Dave Massey 5.24 lbs

3rd Place Rob Gregory 5.18 lbs

​Big Fish Bob Graf  1.70 lbs


  MONTHLY MEETING IS HELD SECOND WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT ​East Wenatchee Fire House  6:30 PM UNTIL .....family friendly and kids welcome​...
1st reading Constition and By Laws amendment/Tournament Rules:Add new section 22 and re-number section 22 to 23 and 23 to 24. For the 2018 year, the full weekend (two one day tournaments)  shall be team tournaments. A TEAM is defined as one, two, or three (handicapped exemption) members on one boat. The members of a TEAM maybe the same each day, change from day to day and tournament to tournament.  The TEAM will weight its' 5 largest bass at the end of the day. Points toward angler of the year shall be awarded to each member of the TEAM equally as outlines in new section 23. For 2018 the one day tournaments ( Sunday) shall NOT be team tournaments and points toward angler of the year shall be awarded as per new section 23.
New section 24: New A. for team tournaments the buy in shall be $40.00 per boat and $10.00 for big fish. Re letter old A to B. Will be voted on at Sept. 13 meeting.