Tournament Schedule 2018

May 6          Potholes

Drivers meeting 5:30 A.M./weight in at 2 P.M. at Blyth launch

June 23/24 Long lake 

July 14 Pateros

Sept. 15/16 Banks

​Osoyoous Sept. 29/30

​​​Wells Pool July 14, 2018

1st Place - Jeff and Mitch Taylor, 21.42                       lbs.

2nd Place -Brian Nichols, 15.75 lbs.

3rd Place - Ryan Howard/Amanda      /                         Higgins, 15.04 lbs.

Big Fish - Jeff and Mitch Taylor, 5.44 SM

4th Place - Robert Gregory, 10.76 lbs

5th Place - Dave and Betty Hendergart

                   10.44 lbs

6th Place - Dan Burgan/Hugh Theiler

                    7.98 lbs

​7th Place - Dan Snell/Jim Howard 5.39                        lbs


  MONTHLY MEETING IS HELD SECOND WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT ​East Wenatchee Fire House  6:30 PM UNTIL .....family friendly and kids welcome​...Aug. 15 and 16 is our tournaments on Banks Lake.  We will launch out of Coulee Playland and the Club will provide meat(s) for Saturday night barb-b-que.  September 12 we will take nominations for officers and discuss lakes to fish for 2019.  Our October 10 meeting we will discuss continuing our team format for 2019.